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Company Message

Company Message


Therapy: Fear of Flying

Hello Steven,

Just to tell you that my last four flights were great. I was able to go to

parties and meetings without any problem.

I will make another appointment to see you next month.

Any other good book to suggest? I already read The Fourth Agreement.

All the best!

Guillermo - October 14th, 2011

Therapy: Panic Attacks and Self-Esteem

Hello,Can you please set up another appointment with Dr. Roth for next Friday? Same time is good, if available.He is really great.


GR - July 22nd, 2011

Therapy: Cancer patient

"Dr. Roth is awesome!!! Great dentist an awesome therapist and a good friend. I would love to get more involved with making people more aware of these phenomenal opportunities to get well without scalpel or radiation. More people need to tune to nature and their intuition.

Every minute of this day, I keep reminding myself how grateful I am to be sitting in my office chair and that I was supposed be all chopped up, waking from the anesthetics….uggh!"

Nikola Adamkova

Therapy: Eyelash pulling

"Josh is doing much, much better. He has been doing the self-hypnosis almost every day. The past two weeks have been enormously stressful due to Josh's school work load. He reports symptoms down 75-80%. I concur with that from my observations as well. 

Please send our regards to Dr. Roth, Josh is very comfortable with him. We will keep you posted, but so far, really good."

Mrs. Cohen - on behalf of son Josh

Therapy: Depression

" One session was all I needed, the next morning I woke up feeling like another person. Immediately got up happy because it was Saturday. All the feelings on not wanting to get out of bed had disappeared. Thank you Dr. Roth, for the healing!"

from Miami

Therapy: Organization

" Hello Steven, Junt want to express my gratitude for our first Hypnosis session and for the love that you have for what you do. It comes through and that in itself is your most powerful tool! I thoroughly felt a shift in my energy.... and after just one session my life seems to be flowing more smoothly. Looking forward to the next session. Peace, Love and Namaste."