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Company Message

Medical Hypnotherapy

Years of scientific research and medical studies have shown that clinical hypnotherapy is an appropriate adjunct to conventional treatment. The results of using this therapeutic tool, to eliminate pain and accelerate healing, are so remarkable that many hospitals, physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, and other healthcare practitioners are now using it with their own patients. 

Even though the American Medical Association approved of the use of clinical hypnosis in the 1950s it is only recently that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are gaining popularity and respect. Modern western medicine is beginning to accept that a person’s thoughts and emotions directly affect their health and overall wellbeing, and that a person can use his or her own mind to help accelerate healing and control pain.

This is primarily due to the latest technology that allows researchers to actually see the physiological effects that the mind has on the body, both positive and negative. 

Accelerating Healing:

Research also shows that all of the functions of the autonomic nervous system can be influenced by the subconscious mind. Clinical hypnotherapy works to create a positive pattern of thoughts and imagery within the subconscious that will help influence the body’s immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, etc., into a healthy balance. This helps with both the prevention of illness and disease, and the healing of illness and disease. 

Reducing Stress:

It has been reported that about 80 percent of all doctor’s visits are stress related. Because stress, especially chronic stress, is one of the main contributing factors to illness it is extremely beneficial to learn self-hypnosis.

The deep relaxation of hypnosis in itself helps to relieve stress, and the continued practice of self-hypnosis gives

a person the ability to instantly induce relaxation in any situation. 

Controlling Pain:

Hypnosis is also used to help reduce, even eliminate, pain. Anyone who has lived with pain, especially chronic pain, knows all too well the fear and frustration that comes along with it. And unfortunately the fear and frustration then inhibits the body’s natural ability to deal with pain. There are many different ways hypnosis can be used to finally experience relief from pain. These tools also help to eliminate fear and frustration, which allows the body to utilize its own resources for managing pain. Any person has the ability to use his or her mind to create a natural anesthesia or analgesia in the body. This is sometimes called psychoanesthesia and psychoanalgesia, or hypnoanesthesia and hypnoanalgesia. Thousands of surgeries, both medical and dental, either out of necessity or personal preference, have been performed using anesthesia that is induced only by the mind. Meaning, without drugs or an anesthesiologist. The same hypnotic tools are used to reduce and eliminate chronic pain, pain from surgery, or pain from a recent injury. 

Surgery Preparation & Post-Surgery Healing:

Clinical Hypnotherapy is also a wonderful adjunct to surgery preparation as well as post-surgery healing. Research has shown that using hypnosis can help a person respond better to surgery, reduce time spent in surgery, and heal quicker from surgery. Studies show that patients who used hypnosis to help with post-surgery healing have healed 20 to 40 percent faster than average. Using hypnosis also helps to reduce the chance of infection during and after surgery. 

Reducing Needle Anxiety & Phobia:

Most people find needles to be anxiety inducing and/or painful. Hypnosis is a great tool to use for overcoming needle phobia or anxiety. And with the use of psychoanesthesia a person can experience comfort with needles.

Which illness and disease can hypnosis help?

From cancer to migraines to a common cold, anyone who learns self-hypnosis can make use of this therapeutic tool to help accelerate the healing of any illness or disease.